The Ultimate After School Center

Soon after the birth of my second son, I began considering returning to work. Daycares and preschools were plentiful. But, when my boys enter Elementary School, there would be few options for the kind of after school care I felt they deserved.

There is a huge “family” center where the staff is mostly comprised of students, and children are likely to be displaced by adult members. Investigating martial arts programs revealed that there is little supervision other than brief, group instruction.

I wanted my children in an after-school program that would enrich their lives. A program that would give them the same priority as I would give them. My children would be safe. And the environment would be clean. they should have a certified teacher to help them complete their homework. Lots of diverse activities. Activities that would spark their creativity. Other activities that would help them to escape the stress of Modern Life. And, of course, activities that would let them enjoy the outdoors and spend all of that Boundless Energy!

I realized that when I returned to work, it would be to build the ultimate after school center. Designed strictly for school-age children and their after-school care.

Natalie Nelson, Director


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