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Our New COVID-Safe Programs for Your Family

At Almost Home we have always focused on providing a safe environment for children. We will continue to follow all the guidelines put forth by childcare licensing. The regulations are in place to make sure your child is cared for in the best manner possible.

Almost Home has also always focused on homework time during our after-school program. This same principal will continue for e-learning. We understand that this is a challenging time for families and Almost Home wants to help make it easier and less stressful for you.

We have devised 3 programs to accommodate anyone’s care needs.

Plan A – After School Only

2:30 PM – 6:30 PM
$60.00 Per Week

If schools reopen August 24th for full in school learning, we will be offering 2 options for this plan. First Almost Home will resume picking children up from the following schools Claywell, Schwarzkopf, Hammond, McKitrick and Northwest. We will also allow parents to drop off their children for an after-school break. We will continue our normal after school schedule with snack, homework time (for those in on campus school) and indoor and outdoor playtime.

Plan B – E-Learning Only

7:30 AM – 2:00 PM
$80.00 Per Week

For children participating in E-Learning, we will offer a program focused on getting the work done! Parents will drop off and pick up their children. We will have trained staff to help with E-Learning. Using our in-house computers or a tablet provided by parents. We have 3 trained teachers to assist the children plus multiple printers and computers.

Plan C – Full daycare

7:30 AM – 6:30 PM
$120.00 Per Week

This program will assist children with E-Learning just like with Plan B but we have extended the hours for our parents that work from home or in an office and need the extra time to focus on their work day. Parents will pick up and drop off their children.


We know that safety is a concern for parents no matter what program fits your needs. Almost Home has focused on those safety concerns and with the help of childcare licensing, the CDC recommendations, and many safety resources here are just some of the things we are implementing to help your kids healthy.

  • Temperature check of all students and staff
  • Mask to be worn by all staff and age appropriate children
  • Small group sizes
  • Children stay together in their group
  • Each area is sanitized after each group has used it
  • Breathe Breaks so kids can go outside and take their mask off to get some fresh air
  • Sanitizing fogger used daily in building and buses
  • UV light sanitation on all electronic surfaces
  • UV light sanitation in the AC
  • Staff oversees proper hand washing multiple times daily

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